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Ragen Chastain Featured Speaker at Abundia 2013


“Finding Joy in Your Body”

Ragen Chastain is the featured speaker at Abundia 2013 and will present numerous workshops over the course of the weekend, November 1-3.

About Ragen: Ragen Chastain is a trained researcher and three-time National Champion dancer who writes and speaks about self-esteem, body image, and Health at Every Size. She is author of the blog www.DancesWithFat.org and the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual. Ragen passionately speaks for people of size and against the ill-conceived war on obesity.

This year’s retreat will feature the following workshops with Ragen: Health At Every Size (HAES), Medical Advocacy, Dance for Everybody, and more! If you’re hearing about Ragen for the first time, check out her blog for a glimpse of her smarts, passion, and talent.


The countdown has begun! The 2013 Abundia Retreat is coming soon – November 1-3, 2013!!

Thanks to VoluptuArt!

A big shout out to friend of Abundia, VoluptuArt! We are SO excited to include some of their gorgeous, fat positive pieces in our Silent Auction. Come ready to bid.

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WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need volunteers for music, singing, drumming, dance party, karaoke or any kind of help with fun activities at the retreat. Please respond in a comment here or send a message to megan@abundia.org.

Thank you!!

Abundia Registration Refund Policy

We all know that sometime life intervenes into our carefully made plans. Should you have an issue and need to cancel your paid registration to Abundia, the following refund policies are in place:

Cancel by October 1, 2012: 50% registration fee refunded

Cancel after October 1 2012: no refund available

Call Illinois Beach Resort directly to cancel room reservations. See their policy here.

Need a Roommate?

Looking for a roommate for the retreat? It’s a great way to keep costs down and make a new connection! Email jeani@abundia.org if you’d like a roomie and I’ll hook you up.

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Call for Volunteers! Be a Part of the Retreat!

Friends: Abundia needs YOU! As we plan the November retreat (which will be here before we know it!), we need volunteers to pitch in on our Retreat Committees. Do you have talents or skills in planning, collaboration, creativity, or just plain being awesome? Please help out! We need help on the following committees:

Empowerment: helping women who might otherwise not be able to attend the retreat.

Logistics: Retreat space and setup planning

Development: Outreach and fund-raising

Programming: Retreat program planning

If you are interested in helping us with any of these areas, leave a comment here! Or email megan@abundia.org!

I try to look at my body, with all its melty, jiggling strangeness and remember that it is a product of years of abusing myself through calorie restriction, binges and purges, and yo-yo dieting. It’s been through so much; it doesn’t deserve my hatred as well.

Emily McCombs at xoJane  (via fatandtheivy)


[Image: A painting of a fat, light skinned woman with short, sandy colored hair sitting on the edge of a bed in profile.  She’s wearing dark lingerie with tiny while polka dots, and there is a pile of colorful clothing on the bed behind her.]

“Absent Bodies”

by Angela Pabón

The actual postmodern society through mass media, creates an endless cycle of deception and frustration in today’s women. A war against the weighing balance and the mirror, that ties women to a fantasy ideal of a body and a poor body image.

In this project I wish to speak about the bodies that have been excluded in the present cultural-historic moment. Absent bodies, because they’re not represented and are excluded, in a society where all the present bodies have to correspond to the homogenous model promoted by the media. Bodies like mine, that are out of the beauty and health norms of society.

Through watercolors and self-portrait as an expressive tool, I wish to expose mi body in different situations of passive frustration, when I encounter myself with the fashion industry; where my body is absent in its size and design rank.

This is the last painting of my three real-scale self-portraits.

210cm (6.8 feet) high by 240cm (7.8 feet) wide. Watercolors and collage on Fabrianno watercolor paper.

(Sumbitted by frenchtoastadventures)