Meet the Abundia 8 - Heidi!

This is the first in a series of interviews with the new Abundia 8Many thanks to the gorgeous Heidi for sharing her thoughts in this profile! -Megan

Name: Heidi

Where do you call home: Indianapolis

How did you discover FA/HAES: When I was about 30, I had just about decided to give up dieting, because it had simply never worked for me and seemed unlikely ever to work for me. I’m practical that way. If something doesn’t work, I do something else. However, I still felt ashamed and inferior for being a fat woman. Around the same time, I met my good friend Shelda Eggers who introduced me to the online fat-acceptance community. That opened my eyes to the numbers of fat women who were defying fat-stereotypes on a daily basis. And what really hooked me were the numbers clearly indicating that there has never been a reliable method for losing weight and keeping it off. So, I wasn’t going to waste my time with dieting any longer. It took a long time for my feelings to catch up to my thinking. And Abundia helped me do that. Through the workshops and the fellowship with other women, I gained the confidence and tools for truly accepting my large body and learning real self-care. I have been attending Abundia since 2000; and I’ve never missed a retreat since!

How did you become one of the Abundia 8: Timing is everything. A small group of Abundia veterans met for a girls’ weekend in July. Right around the same time came the announcement that the retreat was in jeopardy. But within that group, we had all the skills we need to put together Mini-Abundia in 2011.

What is your FA/HAES philosophy: I deserve to enjoy myself and try any new experiences I want, regardless of my body size. And so do all women.

What one thing could you never give up: Tea and cookies!

Why are you amazingly awesome exactly as you are: I have learned to coax myself into doing things that I’m afraid of.