Meet the Abundia 8 - Durette!

Durette Hauser

My home is in Laingsburg, Michigan.  In September, I will have lived here the past 25 years (my husband and I will celebrate 25 years together on 9.27.12).

I first learned about FA/HAES at my first Abundia retreat in June 2004.  I never realized until then that I could be fat and be accepted.

I have close ties with several of the other seven members of the Abundia 8 for many years now.  I also see great value in attending this retreat and enjoying the camaraderie, laughs, tears, hugs, and love we all share with each other.

My favorite philosophy of FA/HAES is the idea that I can be fat, be healthy, and be lovable.  I have embraced this idea more recently in the past couple of years.  I do things now instead of waiting until “someday”.  I travel extensively with my job.  I flew to Little Rock, Anchorage, and Orlando last year.  This year’s flights include Savannah, Maui, Atlanta, and Orlando.  I am delighted to know my desire for travel has not been stifled by my fat.

The original book I read was by Camryn Mannheim called “Wake Up, I’m Fat”.  This book prompted me to accept the invitation to go to the Abundia retreat in 2004.  I have read many fat positive books and blogs.  My favorite and most inspirational book is “Health at Every Size” by Linda Bacon.  My favorite daily reading is Ragen Chastain’s daily blog called “Dances With Fat”.

One thing I would never give up is all the foods I enjoy eating.  I love to eat and am continuously looking for new recipes.  I recently subscribed to a new magazine I found in my doctor’s office called the “Vegetarian Times”.  It had a recipe for biscuits and gravy in it.  The gravy was made with Chickpeas.  I love to cook and eat.

I have been a model for fat acceptance on a business level.  My colleagues have had difficulty accepting the word “fat” in conversation.  I explain about HEAS and FA at any opportunity.  I also demonstrate love and discuss the beauty everyone has in them.   It is amazing to share this information with others and see their reaction.  I believe the more we share our philosophy, the more we will be accepted.