Meet the Abundia 8 - Dawn!

It’s that time again! Meet the Abundia 8: Dawn!

Name: Dawn Howard

Where do you call home: Bolingbrook, IL

How did you discover FA/HAES: Somehow I found out about a plus size fashion show in my area in the mid-90s and went to check it out. One of the speakers at that event was Cheri Erdman, author of Nothing To Lose. That book opened a whole new world to me that I didn’t even know existed until that day. It also began my journey into self acceptance and into activism for FA.

How did you become one of the Abundia 8: I was late to the Abundia party. Even though I had attended Cheri’s class at College of DuPage in the 90s and knew about Abundia, I didn’t get the nerve or the money to attend until 2006, the year it was canceled. I attempted to go again the following year, which was the last year the Abundia 5 attended, but my father passed away and I was unable to attend again. I finally made it in 2008 and even though I cried the whole weekend, I knew I had discovered something wonderful. By the following year I was volunteering to help in any way I could and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this group of smart, talented, funny, crazy, beautiful women for as long as possible. When the existence of Abundia started to become uncertain, I also knew that I wanted to help ensure its survival. A handful of us started talking and we decided that Abundia was important to us as a community and a support mechanism and wanted to not only make sure that it survived but also wanted to spread the word to other women of size so that they too could experience the love, laughter and sense of belonging that comes with spending time with this group of women.

What is your FA/HAES philosophy: Love yourself for who you are right now. I don’t always live that philosophy, I stumble and fail and regress but when I do, I have this amazing group of women to lean on and call upon for support.

What’s your favorite FA/HAES website or book or resource: My favorite FA book is Big Big Love by Hanne Blank. When the original book came out 10 years ago, it was the first time I had ever seen fat people’s sex lives discussed and the first time I had seen instructions and tips for people who look like me. Yes, people … fat people have sex!

What could you never give up: Sushi & Sake

Why are you amazingly awesome exactly as you are: I am amazingly awesome exactly as I am because I am smart, funny, loyal, caring and I am beautiful both inside and out.