Exciting News!

Ragen Chastain Featured Speaker at Abundia 2013 img_8995

“Finding Joy in Your Body”

Ragen Chastain is the featured speaker at Abundia 2013 and will present numerous workshops over the course of the weekend, November 1-3.

About Ragen: Ragen Chastain is a trained researcher and three-time National Champion dancer who writes and speaks about self-esteem, body image, and Health at Every Size. She is author of the blog www.DancesWithFat.org and the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual. Ragen passionately speaks for people of size and against the ill-conceived war on obesity.

This year’s retreat will feature the following workshops with Ragen: Health At Every Size (HAES), Medical Advocacy, Dance for Everybody, and more! If you’re hearing about Ragen for the first time, check out her blog for a glimpse of her smarts, passion, and talent.