Abundia Welcomes Ragen Chastain!

We are so excited to welcome the amazing Ragen Chastain as our featured speaker at this year's retreat! Ragen is a gorgeous dancer and a powerful speaker on fat positive issues. I always enjoy her blog posts at her site, Dances With Fat, and I know she will bring such energy and spirit to the retreat. Our theme this year is Finding Joy in Your Body and Ragen definitely personifies this notion! As her blog's tagline says: "LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS ARE NOT SIZE DEPENDENT!" Her full workshop lineup looks spectacular:

Finding Joy in Your Body

Ragen’s opening workshop features her background and philosophy. She is a dancer, choreographer, athlete, (soon-to-be-marathon-runner), writer, and size-acceptance activist. Ragen kicks off the weekend with her signature passion for life, body diversity, and Health At Every Size. danceswithfat.wordpress.com

Medical Advocacy and HAES

Get specific suggestions and strategies to combat bad science and get the medical care we all deserve. Ragen addresses the AMA’s recent declaration of obesity as a disease, including medical advocacy cards you can take along to your next medical appointment.

Dance for Every Body

Where else can you get dance lessons from a professional dancer and size-acceptance activist? Ragen offers options for seated or standing movement, plus her presentation on “How to Dance on the Dance Floor!”

Your Sensual Body

Ragen presents “movement for the self” to help you find pleasure through the senses in the body you have right now. This workshop is about you, empowering you to find joy in your body and improve your well-being.

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