Retreat 2017: Call for Speakers!

Greetings from The Abundia Board!

As we plan our 2017 retreat, to be held on October 13, 14, and 15, 2017, we need your help.

We seek presenters and speakers who can equip our attendees with the tools to thrive in a culture that criticizes fat women. We are looking for inspiration to live fully and boldly. We also like to have fun!

We are open to workshops of any type-provided they focus on positive fat-acceptance, Health At Every Size (HAES), or self-esteem for fat women. Following is a list of possible future presentations and content we seek:

  • Fat positive activism
  • HAES
  • Movement and exercise for fat women (yoga, Tai Chi, NIA, etc)
  • Body-positive meditation
  • Art and crafting
  • Writing workshops
  • Fashion, hair, and makeup
  • Fat-positive poetry, songs, prose
  • Massage therapy


Abundia is a non-profit organization. We offer negotiable compensation for speakers; but we cannot cover traveling expenses separately.

To Submit Your Workshop Proposal

We would love to consider you. Please send us a one-page document in PDF format and include the following information:

  • Workshop title
  • Workshop description
  • Workshop goal
  • Workshop length
  • Any special space or equipment requirements
  • Relevant experience
  • Your location and contact information
  • Your compensation requirements

Please send your proposal to by May 1, 2017. We hope to hear from you!