In the summer of 2011, a small group of Abundia community members got together to talk about the future of the retreat. From the group emerged the Abundia Board: women with the vision and skills to take Abundia into the future.

hoto Credit:  M SW

Rebecca Targ, President

Rebecca Targ is a graphic design educator and practitioner. She loves art, design, movies, reading, swimming, making care packages, surfing, making saucy comments, and having a sisterhood of fat friends. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her cat Edie and has spent time in her home state of Indiana (exotic!) as well as in Mexico, Japan, Russia, Italy, and Tennessee. She hopes to help Abundia develop and grow into an even larger group of support and friendship.

hoto Credit:  A nne Anatra

Anne Anatra, Vice President

Anne Anatra has always been fat, but has never really dieted.  Once thinking this was another lack of willpower, she realized the truth about 15 years ago: beauty comes in all sizes and shapes, and life is too short to try to fit into anyone else’s mold, figuratively or literally.  Shortly thereafter, she discovered the fat-acceptance community and Abundia, and her life has reaped every wonderful reward as a result.  

In a shift from eager follower to proud advocate, Anne is delighted and honored to join the amazing ladies who lead this life-affirming organization.  She loves crafting, reading, spending time with family and friends, and well-honed sarcasm.


Tara Cobb, Secretary

Tara works with teens in a public library and is passionate about diversity and representation in YA fiction - including fat representation. Every individual deserves to see themselves reflected positively and fully on pages, on screens, in art, and in society. They (Tara’s preferred pronoun) believe in the power of community to heal, strengthen, and support which is why they jumped at the chance to give back to the Abundia community when help was needed. Tara wants to see fat women learn to truly love themselves and fully embrace their own worth and power. They hope to inspire activism in addition to acceptance.

Tara lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her two “cranky, old man” cats. They love activism, tacos, e-books, feminism, crochet, painting, cats, Muppets, bizarre music, geeky things, tabletop games, word puzzles, spending time with their partners, and a piping-hot cup of dark roast coffee.


Lori Delaney, Treasurer

Lori Delaney is a life-long learner with a love of science and the natural world. (She never leaves home without her Charles Darwin finger puppet.) She discovered her newest passion, fat acceptance and Health at Every Size (HAES), after developing fibromyalgia and its related limitations. However, she refuses to let the chronic pain disorder hold her back. She started a jewelry company and sells handmade jewelry and accessories at fairs and festivals around the Midwest. She also loves cats, cooking, sewing, reading, and exploring her new home in Milwaukee.