Inspired by the incredible women I was surrounded by at our Abundia retreat in October, 2014, I wrote this during the Love Letters to Your Body workshop with Virgie Tovar. The prompt was "Dear Sweet Body," but instead of writing to myself, I wrote to all the women at Abundia. And now I share it in hopes you will remember how amazing you are any time you're struggling to feel strong.

Dear Sweet Ladies,
I see you.
In a world that too often refuses to see us, to see us as human, as worthy, as dignified, as strong, as sexy, as smart, as amazing - you are all of those things.
I see the incredible courage in which you live every day. I see the brave leap over the chasm of self-hate and fear you've taken to come here for the first time, and to keep coming back.
I see and feel your strength, the iron will they say we do not have - the will to get up when you fall, to take some steps, to smile at yourself in the mirror, to dream, to ask for what you want and to demand what you need.
I see your beauty. A room full of gorgeous women, scarves wrapped around your hips, belly dancing and moving and living so fully.
I see and feel and am so moved by your generosity , your kindness to one another and to yourselves.
I see that you come to Abundia to get courage and strength and beauty and I see what you're really doing is bringing it with you. And you are giving it to all of us.
I see you.
You are amazing. You are human. You are worthy. You are dignified. You are smart. You are sexy. You are strong. You are loved.
<3 Megan